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A Season for Fairy-Tale Beginnings...

…and happily ever afters! We’re celebrating the enchantment of romance this Valentine’s with designs that tell your love story, whether you’re at the very beginning, or already living your happy ending.

Everyone has their own

love story

Make Valentine’s as unique as your romance by going beyond the traditional dozen roses. There are so many kinds of romantic plants that it’s easy to be creative and find something perfect! Not only will you give them a charming surprise, but it can continue to grow for years to come. Take a look at our top picks for Valentine’s Day:


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Pamper Your Orchids

all year long

Orchids are so exotic looking and seem delicate, but it is actually quite simple to keep them happy! Watch our care tips video where Jason gives you all the information you need to choose, feed, transplant and water your orchid.

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Good things come in

small pots...

Take a look at our under $9.99 shop to find little treasures that are sure to mean a lot. We’ve collected our cutest, most precious, pots and plants for sweet gifts that will just keep growing bigger!



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