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Nothing is more refreshing than a lush display of green tropicals, with bold foliage and dynamic shapes. We’re proud of the healthy, happy and diverse tropical plants that we grow here at West Coast Gardens. From ferns to Pilea, and everything in between! They keep your home looking natural and refreshing, even in the winter months.

Take a deep breath...

time for some fresh air

Living in the city can take a toll on our air quality, but we’ve taken a look at NASA’s ‘Clean Air Study’ and we’re happy to tell you that houseplants are the answer! They absorb particulates from the air while they are busy converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, like a filter. On top of that, micro-organisms found in the potting soil also have a cleaning effect. In order to be effective it’s suggested that you have at least one plant per 100 square feet of space in your home. Time to start potting!!


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Green For Any Spot in Your Home

Low light plants for anywhere

Maybe you’ve given up on having plants in the office, bathroom or the bedroom that gets very little sunlight. Never fear, there’s lots of options for low light spots in your home! You can use lush tropicals in places that rarely see the sky, you just have to know which ones to pick. Some of our top ideas for low light levels include sanseveria and the prayer plant, but don’t stop there. Take a look at all of our recommendations on the blog.


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Keep Your Tropicals Happy!

here's how...

Between watering, temperature, lighting and feeding – adopting a new plant can feel like a lot of work! Watch as we give you the basics on what popular house plant varieties really need from you (including the ever popular Fiddle Leaf Fig). Follow along and feel confident in bringing home a few new natural houseguests to brighten up your space!


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A Bundle of New Plants

put together especially for you!

Everyone has different needs for their indoor houseplant, so we’ve put together some fantastic plant bundles of our favourite tropicals! Whether you need plants that are cat-friendly, low-light, easy to care for, or just a plethora of ferns…we’ve got you covered!

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