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Things Are Heating Up On the Patio

Bring on the heat and the sunshine this summer, we can’t wait! We all need a little relaxation in our own garden or patios this year, and we’ve got some great inspiration for creating your ideal spot. Get your hands dirty planting up some container gardens and tropicals, then sit back and soak up the sun!

Your Tropical Paradise

adding tropicals to your patio

To celebrate the season we’re adding tropical plants to our outdoor areas, now that the weather is warm enough. From broad-leafed Monstera to colourful Crotons, tropical plants look amazing in the sunshine! All it takes is a few to turn your patio into a paradise getaway. Take a look at our blog post with tons of tips and inspiration:


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Take It Easy

with our free planter templates

If you’re not sure what plants go together, or want to create a tried-and-true design, then our free planter templates are perfect! Each template is available to save or print, and includes a pot layout and a list of the plants you’ll need to complete the design. Don’t worry, you can always substitute your favourites into the planter as well! We’ve got some special ones designed just for summer:


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Attracting the Right Wildlife

to your yard

A garden can be a lonely place without friendly wildlife buzzing and hopping around or making happy chirping noises. Inviting the right sort of creatures into your yard can be tricky, especially when it’s much easier to end up with the wrong crowd hanging out and munching on all your crops or invading your potted plants. We’ve got a great bunch of ideas for you to use so that your garden parties are full of friendly bees, butterflies, and birds!

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Attract Bees

and other pollinators to your yard!

Having a garden is the first step in saving our bees, fellow Gardeners, no matter how big or small. Even a collection of container plants can offer bees a quick stop in urban areas. I won’t drone on, but let me tell you about a couple of easy things you can do to bee-friend them as they pass through your yard this year.

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