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Welcome Spring!

A breath of fresh air, Spring comes around the corner and gladdens our gardens and our hearts. It’s time to head into your garden and enjoy the rejuvenation and joy of Spring!

Hummingbird's Galore!

How do you invite them to your yard?

When you’re sitting in the garden, enjoying a cold drink with friends, it’s exciting to hear the humming buzz of wings and look up to see hummingbirds taking a drink from blooms nearby! If you want to attract more of these colourful birds to your garden, take a look at our top plants that are sure to do the trick:

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Get those garden beds ready!

Customize your garden boxes

Creating raised garden boxes in your yard is a fantastic way to grow healthy and happy plants! Raised garden boxes provide better drainage for your soil, can act as barriers to some pests, and help to prevent soil compaction. Find out more about how to customize your vegetable and annual garden beds on the blog:

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Dream BIG

for your most ambitious garden projects!

With our high-quality bulk garden and landscaping materials, now you can make all your dreams come true, no matter how big!  Our products are carefully sourced and sold by the scoop or yard. Take a look at the three ways to purchase, plus all the current materials we offer:

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