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Welcome Spring!

A breath of fresh air, Spring comes around the corner and warms our gardens and our hearts. Colourful buds poke their heads out of the ground and remind us that a new season, and a new year, have begun. It’s time to head into the garden and enjoy the rejuvenation and joy of Spring!

Hummingbird Spotting!

How many visit your garden?

When you’re sitting in the garden, enjoying a cold drink with friends, it’s exciting to hear the humming buzz of wings and look up to see hummingbirds taking a drink from blooms nearby! If you want to attract these colourful birds to your garden this summer, then take a look at our list of plants that are sure to do the trick, in this blog post:


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Start With the Soil

Perfect Plants Start From the Ground Up

Just like your body’s health is dependant on what you feed it, your garden’s health is directly tied to your soil. Which means it’s worth the time it takes to make sure your soil is able to do its job and feed all of your plants! Find out the best ways to amend your soil and make it a delicious and nutritious meal for your plants in our blog post:


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Start Something Special

Grow Your Own Garden from Seeds

Growing seeds isn’t hard, after all doesn’t Mother Nature do it all the time? However, if you want hardy, healthy seeds that give you vegetables, fruit or flowers all summer long, then a bit of planning is definitely needed. Let me give you some ideas, pointers and tips on the blog:


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