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Welcome Spring!

Warmer weather, buds poking out of the ground, and sunshine in our gardens…it must be Spring! After a long winter we are more than ready to jump in the garden and start digging, adding fresh new things, and taking care of all our beloved plants now that the cold weather has ended. Let’s see what’s new for the season and get inspired!

You're Spring Garden Checklist

What to do in your garden right now

Our Spring checklist will help you get organized for the coming gardening season! Even if it’s too early to plant those annuals or vegetable gardens yet, there’s still a lot you can be doing now so you’ll be even more efficient in the upcoming months. Take a look at our checklist and see what you can do today:

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Sandy's Top Spring Picks

Fresh for the season in your home

Looking for that fresh addition to your home this Spring? Sandy’s searched high and low to find unique ideas that you’ll love for every room in your home this year. From friendly doormats to natural-weave belly baskets for your plants…take a look at all 10 picks on the blog!


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The Right Tool for the Job

Your Spring Toolshed

Spring is the perfect time to go through your toolshed and see which of your tools will last another season, and which might need to be replaced. Look for rust, broken handles, chips and loose screws. Spring is often the best time to replace your tools because of sale opportunities, as well as nurseries having the best selection this time of year.


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Spring Care for Your Blooming Perennials

keeping your shrubs happy

It’s time for grizzly bears, lawn mowers and our favourite garden shrubs to wake up from a long winter slumber. Just as grizzlies will be looking for a big meal after such a long sleep, your blooming perennials are going to need some food and TLC as they start a new year of blooming and growth. Find out how to get your azaleas and rhododendrons to fill your garden with bright blooms and lush green foliage this year!


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