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Pink + White Colour Pairing

Posted on May 25, 2021 in Spring Templates

Written by West Coast Gardens

colour pairing ideas for patio planters

There are so many different hues of pink, from soft pastel to bright fuschia, but they all pair well with white. We’ve mixed it up a bit in this collection to give you a broad spectrum of pink blooms as well as pink foliage with the coleus we’ve added!

When planning a pot of different plants, get two or more of each to create a solid display. You can grab three to four of your very favourite plant in this mix, as a way to make it really stand out.

Here are our favourite pink and white blooms for a beautiful patio planter this Spring! Click, then print or screenshot the list below for when you visit the garden centre!

  • Begonia – First Kiss
  • Coleus – Heart Breaker
  • Geranium – White Splash
  • Calibrachoa – Aloha Tiki Soft Pink
  • Petunia – Pink Sky
  • Bacopa – White
colour pairing ideas for patio planters