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Winter Greens Entrance Planter

Posted on November 5, 2016 in Garden, All Videos, Decor Inspiration, Holiday Ideas

Written by West Coast Gardens

Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think! All you need to start with is a planter container with soil. This can be one that you’ve used for summer or fall and has had the annuals removed. Your greenery and plants will do well in wet soil through the holiday season, keeping them hydrated and looking great!

We start ours off with some tall gorgeous birch branches, a holiday favourite! At least six inches of the branch should go under the soil in order to keep it sturdy.

Next we take a variety of fir and pine branches and add them in around the base of the planter. To create a layered, textured and full look we have cut the branches at different lengths. The longer ones go in first, and the shorter ones finish off the look, angling higher.

Other fantastic additions that we’ve used in this planter are cuts of boxwood, Ibex berries (great colour!), a red variety of sticks and seeded eucalyptus. This masterpiece is sure to catch visitor’s eyes and announce the holiday season to the whole neighbourhood. Not to mention get you in the seasonal spirit!

Our shopping list:

  • Assorted fir and pine branches
  • Birch poles/branches
  • Boxwood
  • Various interesting sticks and branches
  • Seeded Eucalyptus

Of course you can add a bit of bling with some outdoor friendly holiday ornaments, wrap tough ribbon throughout the branches, or even light it up with a string of Christmas lights!


winter greens entrance planter ingredients

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