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What Succulent is This? Identifying Your Plant

Posted on December 21, 2018 in Garden, House + Home, Indoor & Tropical Plants, Staff Picks, Succulent Love

Written by West Coast Gardens

Can you ever have too many succulents? We don’t think so! These amazing plant have shown up in homes and gardens everywhere and just seems to get more and more popular every year. With thousands of varieties growing all over the world, it’s easy to see why everyone loves them. So many varieties means you can look for that unique plant that really catches your eye with its colour, shape and bold leaves. But what is that succulent called? 

What Kind of Succulent is This?

That’s the question we hear everyday at our garden centre! It’s tough to keep them all straight, as we grow over 300 varieties of succulents in our greenhouses on site in Surrey BC. We’ve put together this little image guide for you to reference when you’re curious to discover the name of that succulent you just brought home.

Succulent Identification Guide

Our Succulent Story

If you’ve ever wanted to know how succulents grow-up, wonder no longer! In our ‘Succulent Story’ video we show you behind-the-scenes of how we grow and care for the succulents in our greenhouses here at West Coast Gardens.

Keeping Your Succulents Happy

Now that you know what to call your succulent, what about how to care for it and keep it happy? Don’t worry, we can help you out! Start with our easy care “5 Tips for Happy and Healthy Succulents” and then move on to our more detailed “A Galaxy of Succulents” care post. 

No matter what kind of succulents you choose, we hope you enjoy them in your home and garden!