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Violet Fall Foliage Planter

Posted on September 22, 2019 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens, Fall Gardening

Written by West Coast Gardens

Create your own violet fall foliage planter, full of perennials that will last all year, plus a few colourful annuals for the season. No need to stick with traditional oranges or yellows for fall, why not try purple as an autumn planter colour? Bold and beautiful!

The dark purple heuchera foliage really sets off the bright purple ornamental kale and sweet violas. We've grouped a number of these plants together in sets of two or three, to get more of a punch in the design!

Our design includes:
-variegated ivy
-mondo grass
-ornamental kale

Save and print our handy shopping list by clicking on the image, then right clicking to save or print.

fall foliage in violet colours
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fall foliage in violet colours