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Make a Tropical Heart Planter

Posted on January 27, 2022 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care

Written by West Coast Gardens

Our heart melts for this indoor tropical planter overflowing with lush ferns and moss! A beautiful gift or home accent for indoor plant lovers. We’ve used a sturdy wicker heart basket (lined with plastic) as the container for this planter design and started with soft, good-quality potting soil.

For this project, we chose indoor plants that complement each other and include a variety of shades of green. The ferns will grow and hang over the edge of the basket, softening them. The club moss plants will create a lime green cushion and fill in any spaces as they grow.

After planting each 4″ or 2″ indoor tropical into your soil, we added natural wood accents to match the colour and rustic feel of the wicker heart basket. You can use other accents of course, and a nature walk is always a good way to pick up a few treasures like stones, branches, pinecones and more. Then we took sheet moss and used it to fill in around the plants and cover the soil. You can use stones or pebbles as well, or instead of, moss.

In our heart planter, we used Blue Star Fern, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, Club Moss, Polka Dot Plant, and other indoor favourites. Choose your favourite indoor plants for your own unique heart to keep or give away!

Heart planter with tropicals
heart planter