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Top Picks For Pots

Posted on April 7, 2016 in Garden, House + Home, Container Gardens, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens

Sandy’s bright smile has been welcoming customers at West Coast Gardens for ten years. With an eye for design and a flare for display, she chooses and arranges many of the potting and décor items you’ll see at West Coast Gardens.

Though there are a lot of aspects of her job that Sandy enjoys, she is absolutely passionate about pots. “You have to think about them like furniture,” she said. “Invest in them, and they become the foundation of style and they set tone of your space.”

Here are her ten favourite pots and her vision for how to use them.

flowers in a pot

The Classic Urn

The Classic Urn is a very formal pot. The intricacy of the pot can be highlighted when it is  planted with a shapely evergreen for simple elegance. They work best in pairs and look lovely  near an entrance.

flowers in a pot

Saucer & Stand

The saucer pot combined with a stand has a modern and elevated elegance. Plant one with succulents or annuals and have a focal point for your patio. Or, like the classic urn, use them in pairs to flank an entrance with flare.

flowers in a pot

Rustic Metal Urn

This versatile indoor pot can either blend in or stand out in your home. Sandy suggests an arrangement of orchids for classic elegance and a polished look.

flowers in a pot

Privacy Planters

Who doesn’t want a little more privacy from prying eyes? These modern and versatile boxes pull their weight by instantly creating the solitary space that you seek. Sandy suggests planting them with something tall so they do double duty: bamboo, grasses, or tall evergreens.

flowers in a pot

Indoor/Outdoor Natural Wicker Planters

These wicker planters have a decidedly natural feel. With different inserts for indoor and outdoor arrangements they are the perfect base for planting a spring gift basket like this one – or a take home for yourself basket.

flowers in a pot

Heavy Glazed Outdoor Pots

A solid pot can truly be the cornerstone of any outdoor space. This fresh green is one of Sandy’s favorites. She suggests choosing a colour palette and grouping various tones together in odd numbers

flowers in a pot

Crescent Pots

The neutral tones and modern silhouettes of Crescent Pots are a blank canvas for limitless planting options. Let your plant personality shine with these adaptable pots and choose your own adventure. Plant them with annuals for a fresh look every year.

flowers in a pot

Circular Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are chameleons. They gracefully tip-toe the line between industrial and natural. These planters are just as comfortable on the desktop of a high-end designer as they are on a sunny backyard patio. Plant them full of succulents  – an intricate and eye-catching contrast to this minimalist pot.

flowers in a pot

Ancient Garden Pot in Mystic Blue

The mottled and multifaceted glaze on the Ancient Garden pots make them a talking piece in their own right. They come in various sizes but Sandy’s favourite is ‘the giant one.’ She suggests planting one – or a few – with tall grasses and placing them poolside.

flowers in a pot

Scheurich Pots

A classic European styling the quality of a Scheurich pot can be spotted from across a room. They come in a variety of colours that pop, elegant shapes and they are made to last a lifetime. Sandy suggests simply planting them with a table fern and let the pot do the talking, but we also really like the way they look with arrangements like this dwarf conifer pot.