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Colour Themed Spring Planters with Monika Hibbs

Posted on May 23, 2018 in Garden, Container Gardens, Garden Tips, Spring Gardening

Written by West Coast Gardens

This gorgeous sunny weather has everyone out in the garden and excited to get those Spring planters finished, including one of our favourite inspirational bloggers, Monika Hibbs who we joined once again at her beautiful Langley, BC home! All of the beautiful images below are courtesy of Monika Hibbs. (If you missed our last visit and collaboration, take a look over here!)

This Spring she decided to go with three difference colour themes for her planter boxes to celebrate the season; white, a soft pink blush, and violet. With this in mind, we headed over to Monika’s home with a truckload of plants to create a perfect ode to Spring.

Thrillers, Spillers & Fillers for Spring

To keep each planter box interesting we always think about three kinds of plants; thrillers, spillers and fillers. Each one has an important part to play in creating the right look, shape and eye-catching design. 

spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens


In this white themed Spring planter box we used Silver Falls Dichondra and Wire Vine for the spiller plant to soften the edges and connect the plants to the container. 

The thriller of this planter is the luxurious white Hydrangeas and Begonia with their giant puffs of blooms.

To add height and volume, the Rosemary is the filler for this design. Together all of these elements create a full, lush planter in white.


There are many violet hued blooms to choose from in the Spring, and we chose plants that had longevity and would keep their colour for a few months over the Spring and Summer. The delicate and tall Blue Salvia blooms and tiny Swan River Daisy give this Spring planter box a romantic touch.

Our spiller for this design is the pale Silver Falls Dichondra. For a thriller we used the bright purple blooms of Petunia plants as well as violet Bacopa. Our filler this time can almost be a thriller as well, the Phormium, with gorgeous tall coloured leaves.

spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens
spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens


Beautiful blush coloured blooms adorn this Spring planter box, for Monika’s third colour theme. So many blushing blooms to choose from for thrillers in this planter! Pink edged New Guinea Impatiens, piles of Non-Stop Begonias, delicate Bacopa and Geraniums just to name a few! 

To fill in the space and create a full looking design we used Variegated Hebe as a filler as well as the delicate, almost don’t notice it, Euphorbia Diamond Frost. Of course the tall Phormium adds that extra height that we love!

Spilling over the edge of this planter is the Wire Vine and Silver Falls Dichondra spillers that we’ve used throughout this series of planter boxes.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Want to try out these Spring planter designs yourself? Feel free to improvise your own choices of plants as well, keeping in mind our thriller, filler and spiller tips to create a design you’ll love. To help you out, Monika Hibbs was kind enough to put together these handy illustrations for you to print out or save! To make it even easier she also created shopping lists for each design!

Just click on the image, and then right click and save to your computer or phone.

spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens
spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens
spring planters with monika hobbs and west coast gardens