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Succulent Log Planter

Posted on November 6, 2016 in House + Home, All Videos, Container Gardens, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care, Succulent Care & Inspiration

Written by West Coast Gardens

Succulent Log Planter

A gorgeous and natural accent, this succulent log planter looks like it comes straight out of the woods and into your home. We’ve used a faux log planter for this creation, as a real hollow log would end up deteriorating with waterings (and probably leak as well!) Choose a variety of succulents in different colours and textures. A few hanging varieties, like the string of pearls we use, which will look fantastic draping over the edge of the container.

Add soil to your planter, but leave room for your plants. We’ve started with the larger middle plant, and are using it as an anchor for the rest of the succulents. Firmly tuck it into the planter, then start adding the other succulents around the edges. Slices of wood branches make perfect accents for this planter but get creative in your forest finds! Pinecones or acorns would work as well.

Have fun and remember to place your finished planter in a semi-sunny area and water once a week or when it get’s dry. Succulents love the sun, but will dry out or scorch if they are in direct sunlight all day.