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How to Create a Stunning Container Garden

Posted on July 5, 2019 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens

Written by West Coast Gardens

These full sun, container garden designs hold so many thrills, with gorgeous tall fountain grass and bright blue Sally Fun salvia! Not to mention the delicate Silver Falls dichondra (mixed with white bacopa) to drape over the sides as a lovely spiller. The combination of our other filler plants, such as the finer optic grass and coleus, create colour and texture interest throughout the planter.

Make sure to start your container garden with premium potting soil. You can crush up your empty growers pots in the bottom of your large planter to help create a drainage point for the soil. The plants in these stunning container gardens need full sun to stay looking great!


Ingredients in this container garden:

fountain grass
salvia - Sally Fun
coleus - Abbey Road
dichondra - Silver Falls
fiber optic grass
euphorbia - Stardust

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container garden
container garden
container garden