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Sandy’s Top Ten Picks for Spring!

Posted on March 13, 2019 in House + Home, Decor Inspiration

Written by Sandy Styles

Sandy’s Top Ten

This Spring we’re overwhelmed with an abundance of amazing design ideas for your home, with beautiful social media imagery and new ‘must-haves’ popping up in magazines. I’ve looked high and low for the ideas that really stand out, and will stand the test of time, for you to invest in for spring this year! Here are the top ten winners:

1 – Lovely Linen

Linen pillowcases have a natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere else. These stylish pillowcases have embroidered details and a soft feather insert, that gives them a relaxed look and makes them incredibly comfortable to use! I love using pillows as accents indoors and out, with a variety of colours and styles that you can mix and match. Outdoor pillowcases have been made to withstand the summer rains, but without looking like the typical outdoor pillow. Get comfy this spring! (Shop pillows here)


2 – Modern Candles

These super slim gold candleholders are both classic and modern, ready to be added to your dining table or accent another spot in your home without taking up too much space. With many different sizes, you can have a display of candles at different heights which adds interest as a centrepiece. Line them up on your table and match them with plants or greenery to add a natural touch. (Take a look at our candle and lighting collection here)


3 – Running with Style

Table runners! A stylish way to add texture, colour and design to your table. The best part about table runners is being able to layer them with tablecloths, placemats or other table runners in different colours. Create your own table masterpiece. These natural looking table runners are a woven grass material and come in four colours. (Shop this table runner online)


4 – So Bellissimo!

White Italian dishware is the perfect way to serve your guests and family, with an array of different types of dishes available. Layer your white soup bowls with a colourful plate, or add a classic white bowl to your everyday set. These Italiano dishes are too nice to put away! (Take a look at our dishware and home collection)


5 – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of round mirrors showing up in magazines and social media home styling. Who doesn’t want something so beautiful, sparkly and useful in their home? Perfect for hallways, bedrooms and anywhere else, mirrors add a reflection and light, creating the illusion of a bigger space. (Take a look at our mirrors here)


6 – Dress It Up!

Adding a favourite plant to the table or as an accent in your home should be easy. These belly baskets, which come in all kinds of shapes, colours and styles, can be used to drop a plant into and immediately add it to your space! As well, I love these natural looking pedestal planters (in white or grey) as they quickly add class to your tropicals. (Shop our indoor plant containers)


7 – Sparkle and Gleam

Almost too nice to drink from, these metal mugs really add some bling and style to anything you’re sipping. Gold, pewter, rose gold, silver…you choose. I love the organic random looking hammered patterns in the design, as well as their elegant tall shape. (Shop the metal tumbler collection)


8 – Welcome!

We couldn’t make a top ten list without these! What’s a better way to welcome a guest, or welcome family home again, then with a friendly doormat? I’m smitten by the different designs, as well as the different shapes and sizes available. Choose one that matches your personality, showing off your design style before they even make it into your house! (Shop this succulent doormat)


9 – Just Bead It!

A trend that’s really taken off is these wooden prayer beads. They come in different lengths, and with large or small wooden beads. We’ve even got some with heart or tassel pendants attached. I love to use these in planters, or laying on tables, for a natural look. (Take a look at our prayer beads over here)


10 – Keepin’ It Natural

At West Coast Gardens we love to work with local businesses, especially when they produce beautiful and natural health and beauty products. One Little Elf has created these gorgeous silk and wool felted soaps with all natural ingredients. I love the spring colours in their new collection!

Another notable addition this Spring is the essential oils from Finesse Home, with carefully sourced oils from all over the world, in blends that create amazing scents for your home. This company is based on the Sunshine Coast and has been making essential oil blends for over 20 years. I pair them with this large dark woodgrain diffuser to add powerful and pure fragrances to spaces. (Take a look at beauty products here)


Get creative adding new accents and finishing touches to your home this spring, with these top ten helpful suggestions plus more ideas on our social media as well as in-store.

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