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Sandy’s Top Looks for Spring

Posted on April 11, 2017 in House + Home, Decor Inspiration

Written by Sandy Styles

Hey West Gardeners!

Spring is upon us! Windows across the lower mainland are opening and the sun is shining in! With new light comes a renewed love for extending our living space and blending the outdoor with the indoor.

Here are my favourites for shaking off the winter blues, brightening your space, and blending the indoors with the outdoors.


If you haven’t heard of lava stones don’t worry: we’ve got you covered.  My favourite necklace for the season blends swarovski crystals with these volcanic beauties to act as a natural diffuser: simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to bring with you throughout the day. Scents like lavender will help bring you calm during your busy Spring routine, and can help to bring the garden with you wherever you go!

Outdoor /Indoor Pillows

My next few favourites are really about setting up an incredible outdoor space. Add some colour and comfort with fun, weather resistant pillows. Perfect for patios, balconies, and benches — there are so many different patterns and colours to play with. Coral and turquoise are top sellers so far, but play with neutrals like navy to create volume and let your colour accents pop.

Outdoor Carpets /Rugs

Looking for an eco-friendly option to tie your space together? We have just the thing you need. New for Spring we have a selection of awesome outdoor carpets and rugs. My personal fav is a new line made out of recycled plastic, making them durable and easy to care for with a simple rise of the hose to clean.

Artful Outdoor Canvases

If you haven’t added outdoor canvases to your space before, this is the year to try it. Adding some weather resistant art can really help your efforts to tie your indoor and outdoor spaces together by extending your living space. Outdoor canvases are also a great option for bathrooms or lakeside rvs!

Balcony Door Mats, Umbrella and Carpets

Extending your living space in the city can be tough, but our selection of smaller-sized balcony door mats, umbrella’s and carpets are proving to be this season’s must-haves.

Solar Light Fixtures and Solar Chandeliers

While the sun is shining take advantage! We have an amazing array of solar light fixtures and solar chandeliers that will help keep your evenings bright and your conscience clear.


You can’t got wrong with some strategically placed lanterns in your space. These Spring/Summer staples are an investment you can use for seasons to come. My personal fav is our black indoor outdoor wicker lantern, which is the perfect piece to finish off your table with ambiance.

Looking for something more colourful? We’ve got a few of those too. Take a peek at our lantern selection online.


Prepare for the sun ahead with a beautiful parasol to accent your space! My spring fav features beautiful natural canvas that has a white linen feel and features copper accent tassels. Don’t settle for boring options for shade – an intricate piece like this is a fantastic investment to complete your outdoor space.