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Sandy’s Top 10 Picks for Christmas

Posted on November 14, 2017 in House + Home, Decor Inspiration, Holiday Ideas

Written by Sandy Styles

This season can get a bit overwhelming and you might feel like you need a personal shopper or decorator, so I’ve put together a little list to help (yes, I checked it twice). There are so many amazing trends and exciting ideas this year, for decorating and gifts, it was hard to trim it down to a list of 10. But I’ve done my best to give you the crème de la crème for your holiday season!

West Coast Gardens Surrey, Vancouver BC Canada - gift guide 2017

Sandy’s Top 10 Christmas Picks

(1) Who doesn’t love a cuddly pillow for an evening in front of the fireplace? This year in particular I’ve seen way too many gorgeous choices to pass up, like sequin snowflake encrusted pillows or designs featuring adorable deer and antlers. I especially like the simple red and black pillows that fit right into a rustic cabin style!

(2) Faux skins are a beautiful and fun decorating accent for the back of the couch or the floor. They are soft to the touch and come in a few colours such as blush, light blue, black, white and grey. This season you can even use them as a unique and eye-catching tree skirt!

(3) Don’t have a pet friendly home? These super cute and fluffy owl decorations won’t shed, bark or need to be taken for a walk. They can hide in your tree for a unique ornament, or sit casually on a table or shelf as a woodland festive decoration.

(4) Containers for Christmas are really special this year, with so many to choose from and varieties that match pretty much any home decor. From the simple baskets (perfect for Poinsettias!) to the lavish silver plant urns that create an unforgettable centrepiece, they are just waiting to be filled with holiday plants, greenery and flowers.

West Coast Gardens Surrey, Vancouver BC Canada - gift guide 2017

(5) The Giving Plate caught my eye this year with its heart warming story. Specifically designed to have “no owner” the plate is used when you bring goodies to an event or friend. Then they have to keep the plate until they have a chance to fill it up and give it to someone else. This is a beautiful tradition that can start on this beautiful black and white dish.

(6) For dinner parties and candlelit evenings this Christmas you may not want to risk real flames (especially with all those pine wreaths and garlands around). That’s why I love the Reallite Candles which are made of wax, but have battery operated lights and flickering flame that really looks authentic. You can even set it on a timer so it’s all lit when you get home from work.

(7) If you do love the look of a real candle, and can’t give it up, then our 8 hour tealights are perfect. You won’t have to get up and find more tealights in the middle of dinner during an evening while entertaining. They might even last for a few nights of cheer!

West Coast Gardens Surrey, Vancouver BC Canada - gift guide 2017

Stocking Stuffers!

For the next three picks I’m talking about stocking stuffer ideas (or just a little reward for yourself for the season). Sometimes these small gifts are the hardest to find but here are some ideas that are both practical and cool.

(8) Mini-phone accessories are useful and add a bit of bling! The Phone Mirror attaches to your device with double sided tape (can be removed) and let’s you check your teeth after that delicious dinner date. It comes in gold, silver and rose gold to go with your accessories. The Phone Pocket can also be added to your device as a convenient place to hold your credit cards, cash or gift cards.

(9) Bee By the Sea is a fantastic brand with a set of products for people and pets! They use only natural and organically grown ingredients from Canada, without any animal testing. We carry their hand cream, hand soap and lip-balm, as well as their shampoo and conditioner (for people and pets!).

(10) Readerest is a neat little invention. It’s a magnetic clip that you put on your clothes that can safely and securely hold your glasses (or headphones). You just slip them through the clip and they won’t fall off or get lost! Definitely a winner.

West Coast Gardens Surrey, Vancouver BC Canada - gift guide 2017


Sandy’s Bonus Pick

Well, since it was so hard to narrow the list down to only 10, I’ve decided to give you a bonus pick this time! That’s because I’m super excited about all of the great faux greenery and foliage picks we’ve got for you this year. From sparkling succulents to frosted ornamental cabbage, these are a cut above the rest of the faux Christmas greenery. Create a magical holiday feeling indoors without worrying about your greenery turning brown or drying out. Then pack it all up for next year!

Alright, there you have it! I hope these ideas will get you started on your holiday decorating and gift giving this year. You can always head over to West Coast Gardens and see all the other amazing decor, plants and gifts that wouldn’t fit on the list as well. Don’t forget to say hi!