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Sandy’s Top 10 Indoor Planter Containers for Spring

Posted on April 4, 2017 in House + Home, Decor Inspiration, Spring Gardening

Written by Sandy Styles

Hey West Coast Gardeners! This week we had a chance to sit down and chat with Sandy Styles, our resident ray of sunshine, who does all the giftware purchasing for our store, helps out with our amazing selection of gardening pots, and generally puts the store together with the help of her fabulous team!

Here are Sandy’s top indoor pot styles for Spring


    1. Contemporary German Scheurich pots

      Hands-down, these were Sandy’s top pick. Scheurich’s beautiful designer pots from Germany come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to fit into your home. Take a peek – they are absolutely lovely.


    1. Succulent Planter

      Trilogy-style pots

      Trilogy pots are designed for balance. Perfectly crafted to let you mix and match your favourite succulents or small tropical plants, this unexpected contemporary shape makes for an eye-catching statement on tables or high-visibility shelves.


    1. Concrete

      Mix this unexpected texture with softer elements for a well-rounded design, or lean into the contemporary flair by pairing it in tandem with high-shine gold pots, which are #9 on our list of top picks!


    1. Terrariums

      Terrarium planters are another hot trend for this season. An amazing choice for smaller spaces these transparent beauties add interest without clutter. Consider lining them with semi-precious stones for a bit of shine, shells for a natural vibe or stones to give them a bit of weight.


    1. Shapes inspired by nature

      Bring the outside in with planters inspired by nature. Take a peek at our selection of driftwood inspired succulent planters.


    1. Versatile resin

      This season try playing with height in your indoor space. Consider pairing shallow, versatile resin pots with taller pots or keeping them on their own for a low profile home to your favourite succulents and tropicals.


    1. Wood and natural elements

      Our beautiful wood planters are a great addition to ground a space in calm or set off more contemporary textures.


    1. Baskets

      You can’t go wrong with baskets, as staple of the gardening world these light woven wonders are an investment you can re-use in years to come.


    1. Gold

      Help your indoor spaces shine with gold ceramic pots. Golden pots bring warmth into your home in the early days of spring and are an excellent pairing to soften concrete elements, to act as a bright contrast to the transparency of glass terrariums, or calming tones of natural wood elements.


  1.  Something old, something new: Mediterranean classics

    This Spring, lean on hints of classical old-world style to bring a timeless visual tone into your space.

Looking for more? See some examples of our favourite pre-planted indoor florals that are ready to arrive at your door, or take a peek at our selection of pots and containers ready for your Spring floral vision!