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Romancing Your Plants this Spring

Posted on February 25, 2022

Written by West Coast Gardens

A touch of romance during February is always welcome, especially when it comes with lovely plants and fresh cuts. Carefully arranged greenery enlivens a room and highlights its charms, creating a comfortable space for guests who come to call. Get inspired with our simple and sweet ideas this season.

Cut stems of poppies and other spring flowers will shine in a simple jar or in your favourite vase—the beauty is in the moments we watch them bloom.

Hang sprigs of eucalyptus in a garland above the bed or spice up the night table with live accents. Neutral toned containers and pots won’t take away from the natural greens and will keep the space calm and serene.

Spring bulbs aren’t just for outdoors—you can plant them up for your home as well! Keep the soil nice and moist, then watch them grow and bloom as the weather warms up. 

A wine rack can be shared with bursts of tropical plants, as well as reds and whites, for an inventive kitchen styling. 

This February and into spring, romance your plants and bring in a few new suitors to the mix! A beautiful beau of cut flowers or a paramour of plants…what will you find waiting for you?