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Quick Tip: Adding Soil

Posted on September 26, 2016 in Garden, All Videos, Garden Tips, Spring Gardening

Written by West Coast Gardens

Don't forget to add soil every season to keep your garden healthy and make sure your plants have the nutrients that they need. Adding new soil each summer can really give your garden a boost. We love Sea Soil, which is a composite of 50% fish and 50% forest fines (bark, soils, needles etc.) and can be put directly on your plants, flowers, shrubs and trees right from the bag.

Fish isn’t just for sushi – it’s one of nature’s best organic fertilizers, breaking down slowly to make sure your garden gets fed for it’s entire growing season. Add to that the microorganisms and beneficial fungi found in the forest fines which turn the nutrients into a form that’s easier for plant roots to devour. Talk about super food!

You can read about all the benefits Sea Soil has for your garden, as well as best practices, over here on our extensive blog post The Benefits of Sea Soil.

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