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Propagating Your ZZ Plant

Posted on February 17, 2022 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care

Written by West Coast Gardens

Propagate your own ZZ plant

Have you fallen in love with the glossy and gorgeous ZZ plant? Especially now, with the Black Raven ZZ and its dramatic foliage, this plant is becoming more and more popular.

Easy to care for, this plant grows in medium to low light and can handle a missed watering or two.  Learn all about caring for your ZZ over here.

If you want more ZZ’s in your life, watch Bryan as he shows you how to propagate your own plant and create a tray of baby ZZ’s to grow! 

All you need is a tray, a dome, potting soil, clippers and a misting bottle. Or you can use a vase with water to root your cuttings. 

zz plant
zz plant raven zz plant