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Pink Passion Planter

Posted on April 7, 2018 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens, Garden Tips, Spring Gardening

Written by West Coast Gardens

This blushing Pink Passion Planter is a beautiful spring accent on your patio or by the front door, with a variety of plants to add colour and texture to the design. We start with gorgeous Valley Rose Pieris, with cascading pink bell shaped blooms. Romantic, feminine and with a bit of a vintage feel. These are tall stems, so we position them in the back of the design.

Next we add matching pink tulips (Evening Breeze), to highlight the pink colours and match heights. The big blooms of hydrangea fill out one side of the design, while adding a new level. Shorter plants in a variety of foliage and blooms, with beautiful textures and colours, fill in the front area of the pot. We’ve added Carex Everest to hang over the pot’s edge, Lysmachia, Pansies in white and eye-catching Fiber Optic Grass.

We finish up the design by adding even more height in the back with cut Pussy Willow Stems, with their soft textured buds. Remember you can choose your own accents and filler plants depending on the look and colour combination you are trying to achieve. Have fun and enjoy your spring creation!

We’ve put together an easy shopping guide for you with a printable list. Just click on the image to the right to print or save it on your phone for a quick reference at the nursery or garden centre!