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Miniature Garden

Posted on March 1, 2017 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care, Succulent Care & Inspiration

Written by West Coast Gardens

Both playful and elegant, this miniature garden planter brings childhood whimsy¬†to your modern home. A flat, shallow wide planter works well for this project, as it gives us enough space to really landscape our centrepiece. The plants we use don’t require a deep pot and we want lots of surface area for rocks and accents.

We’ve added a cracked pot to the centre of our garden, then half covered it with moss so the entrance peeks through like a mysterious cave. Our miniature garden uses coloured sand, rocks, twisted willow, amethyst and a purple crystal butterfly to add some magic to it, what can you use to make your garden masterpiece special? Use your imagination!

The plants we use in this video include:

  • Sarmentosa
  • Pink Vigie
  • Echeveria
  • Angelina Sedum

We used a funnel to distribute the sand where we wanted it to go, and avoid spilling it into the crevasses of the succulent plant. It helps keep the clean up to a minimum!