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Mini Dinosaur Garden

Posted on June 30, 2017 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens

Who says gardening is all work and no play? Here we’ve incorporated elements in a large container garden that were perfect for some dinosaur friends to inhabit. Adding a few miniature creatures is a fun way to get kids excited about your container gardens and show your playful side.

This miniature garden landscape starts off with an upside down pot, perfect to create a small island amid the soil layer where a strong basin of water can sit without tipping. We chose large granite style rocks that resembled jurassic mountains and placed them in the middle. Small miniature trees and bushes added a forest feeling, while succulents dotted the landscape with a definite “stone age” look. Speaking of stones…you might notice we added quite a few different sized varieties! Using large, medium and small stones and gravel create a textured look that is much more natural. The river rocks smooth surface contrast nicely against the sharper edges of the large rocks. Choose some dinosaur friends to take for a spin in your new Dinosaur Garden!