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Make Your Own Fern Canyon Terrarium

Posted on April 18, 2019 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care, Making Terrariums

Written by West Coast Gardens

fern terrarium DIY video
fern terrarium DIY video
fern terrarium DIY video

DIY Fern Terrarium

Lush green fern terrarium with a rocky canyon setting! This fern terrarium highlights the beautiful colours of these plants, while also creating a natural setting with neutral tones. To start with we've used small pebbles in the bottom of the terrarium, creating an inch of drainage for the plants. This stops the roots of the plants from sitting in water. We also added in some larger stones along the outside edge of the terrarium to create variety and interest. Then we carefully placed potting soil on top of the pebbles, not mixing the two, to create our planting area.

Before planting the ferns, we placed our larger accent pieces. We used big pieces of interesting wood, but you can also use stones or other natural elements. Then we carefully planted the mini-ferns to look like they naturally grew out of the design.

For a finishing touch we topped the soil with pebbles, then added in a few flat stones. Use natural elements you love to create a relaxing and interesting fern terrarium for your home!

The ferns we used in our design are:

  • fluffy ruffle
  • asparagus fern
  • polka dot plant
  • baby tears plant

Any small fern or tropical will work well in a terrarium. Just switch them out when they get a bit too big for the container and start to take over!