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Jason’s Top 5 Must-Have Garden Tools

Posted on June 15, 2016 in Garden, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens


We asked Jason VanderMey, our West Coast Gardens expert and go-to handyman to get the scoop on what’s essential for your garden work. As you know, there is a lot on the market that really isn’t all that necessary. So we needed to be sure on what’s-what, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a gardening weekend warrior. Jason says the 5 must-have gardening tools to help you dig, maintain and enjoy your blooming outdoor space are as follows:

  1. The Multi-Tool
    Not a gardening gimmick, seriously, this tool means business! You’ll be surprised how indispensable this tool becomes for your everyday gardening needs. Whip the multi-tool out to weed, cut and prune back any dead plants, help your perennials or trees generate new roots and even tidy up edging.
  2. 3 Pronged Cultivator
    Let ‘em breathe! The sharp teeth on this tool works well for breaking the soil crust to loosen and aerate the soil. The prongs are also great for cultivating beds and cleaning up established perennial gardens.
  3. Trowel
    We wouldn’t get very far without one of these! Gardening is dirty work - literally. You’ve got to role up your sleeves and really dig into the dirt, which is exactly why a small hand tool is imperative for any gardener. The trowel is perfect for digging, planting and potting. Period.
  4. Hand Pruners
    Bring shape and new growth to your garden with a good pruning shear. Get one that makes clean, quick cuts and is strong enough to prune hard branches of tress and shrubs.
  5. Loppers
    Put your back in to it! Get the grunt work done by chopping off thicker dead branches (up to 2 inches) or trimming back live ones with a good set of loppers.

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