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Jason’s Flower Bed

Posted on May 22, 2016 in Garden, All Videos, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens

Watch as Jason gives you all the inside info on planting a simple, but eye-catching flower bed that will bloom beautifully all summer long! Learn about borders, sea soil, and leaving space between plants without having bare spots. Then go and enjoy planting your own flower beds!


Make sure your plants are well hydrated before transplanting them into your flower bed. If they are dry, water them well, then let them sit for at least 30 minutes to absorb the water you've just given them.

Before planting, you can lay out your garden by placing the pots on the soil to see if you have enough of each kind, make sure they are equally spaced out, and see the complete design and colour scheme before committing to digging.

As a last step, water your garden well to help establish them in their new home. You should fertilize your annuals with a super bloom variety, in the range of 15-30-15. This will help them stay healthy and bloom beautifully throughout the growing season!

jasons flower bed
jasons flower bed
jasons flower bed