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How to Care for Your Caladium

Posted on April 7, 2022 in House + Home, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care

Written by West Coast Gardens


Also known as Angel Wings and Elephant Ears, this colorful plant astonishes us with the variety of its leaves and bold hues. Caladium will quickly become a favourite in your home, or in the garden and patio during the summer months. 

At West Coast Gardens, we grow our Caladium in our greenhouses, choosing varieties with unique patterns and designs on their heart-shaped foliage. Take a look at how to care for this show-stopping tropical below:


A native of South America, Caladiums like it warm. Keep them in bright, indirect light but avoid full direct sun, as it can burn their delicate leaves.

If you keep them outdoors during the summer months, make sure to place them in the shade.


Keep the soil evenly moist and water as soon as the top two inches are dry. Letting your Caladium dry out for too long can cause the leaves to turn yellow. 


Don’t use too much fertilizer on these beauties. 1/2 to 1/4 of the recommended strength is enough, as over-fertilizing will burn the leaves.

Keep your Caladium out of drafts (warm or cold) as it dislikes both.

Caladiums are poisonous if ingested by humans or animals, so keep them away from your children and pets.