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Holiday Halo Evergreens Winter Planter

Posted on November 2, 2021 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens, Holiday Ideas

Written by West Coast Gardens

DIY Winter Holiday Halo

We’re ready to celebrate the season with lights, fresh-cut boughs and beautiful magnolia leaves! Come and be inspired in this wonderful demo video where Jason creates an inspirational Christmas planter for your patio or front door.

Jason starts with a large square pot (with insert) filled with soil, where he can anchor the metal hoop after attaching the lights. A quick tip is to you plastic zap-straps to secure the end of the light string to the hoop. Then he uses his favourite boughs of white pine, silver fir and cedar; accented with magnolia, silver dollar eucalyptus and curly willow. Get out those pruners!

Finish up your design with accents such as shiny baubles or pinecones. This Holiday Halo design is sure to light up the night! Try it at home with your own choice of greenery and accents for the perfect holiday planter.

Christmas patio decor
Christmas patio decor