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Happily Ever After Orchid Terrarium DIY

Posted on January 28, 2022 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care, Making Terrariums

Written by West Coast Gardens

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous orchid terrarium – and it’s easy to put together! Cover the bottom of the terrarium with stones or Brockytony, then cover the sides of the glass with sheet moss. Add a couple of inches of soil in the bottom of the terrarium.

Then, take the orchid (still in its pot) wrap in it sheet moss to conceal any edges that might show, and bury it in the soil. Next, add any indoor tropical plants you’d like to use (we suggest lovely ferns!).

Top your design with natural accents like fungus, wood and stones. Then tuck it all in with moss! We’ve added a glass heart to the terrarium for Valentine’s Day. Wow! What a show-stopper! Whether for your own home or as a romantic gift, this orchid terrarium is sure to impress!

Orchid terrarium
Orchid terrarium