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Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Planters

Posted on April 22, 2019 in Garden, House + Home, Container Gardens, News & Community

Written by West Coast Gardens

Custom Planters for Everyone!

We know that everyone doesn't have the space, tools or time for gardening and planting the way we do! But that doesn't mean you don't love beautiful foliage and gorgeous blooms on your patio or in your home all year round! You can appreciate natural beauty without having to be the one to do the dirty deed. We'll help you out with that with our customer planters.

Our custom planting workshop is busy making up hundreds of unique indoor and outdoor planters every year, and the designers are fantastic at creating a special look for each person. Part of the process to make sure you love your custom planters is to ask questions that can help us identify what you're looking for. Uh oh! Hate pop quizzes? No problem! Let's take a look at what information we find helpful in crafting your dream planter.

Sun or Shade?

Of course one of the first things we need to know is where the custom planter will end up. Different plants have different tolerances for full sun, part sun, or shade lighting. To create a combination of plants that will flourish and bloom we need to know what lighting they will receive. If you’re not sure, decide where you want to place your custom planter and then note what the conditions are throughout the day. Is it sunny in the morning? Does it get full shade all afternoon? For indoor planters how close to the window are they? This is an important question and will get you a gold star for sure!

custom planters at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey BC

Just the Right Height

We’ve got plants that grow four feet tall, and others that like to stay close to the ground, so knowing what kind of head space is available is important! Another point to consider is if the planter will be on the ground, on a plant stand or other platform. We can create a beautiful design with hanging plants and vines spilling over the side of the container if it’s off the ground and there’s room for them to hang down.

custom planters at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey BC

Your Loving Devotion

Be honest now. How much time do you want to dedicate to taking care of your new plants? Do you sometimes miss a watering or two? Would drought tolerant plants be most suitable for your lifestyle? Let us know if you’re looking for easy to care for, low maintenance plants or something that might appreciate some TLC from you on a regular basis.

When you’re thinking about indoor plants, we can provide varieties in your custom planter that love warmer indoor temperatures, as well as those that thrive in cooler climates, depending on how you like your thermostat.

Make it Match!

Of course colour is a super important in your planter choices, and we want to know if you have anything particular in mind! Does it need to match the colour of your house, your doormat, or maybe your eyes? Monochrome colour palettes are popular, such as all white plants. We also love to mix it up with all yellows, oranges and reds or maybe make a combo with pastel pinks. This is where the creative fun comes in!!

Now you’re ready to bring in your own favourite containers and wow our custom planting designers by having all the answers for your perfect planter! We also have a large variety of containers in-store, if you don’t have any empty ones handy, so be prepared to browse. See you soon!

custom planters at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey BC
custom planters at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey BC
custom planters at West Coast Gardens in South Surrey BC