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Find Your Own Hidden Garden Patch with Tropical Indoor Plants

Posted on March 12, 2018 in House + Home, All Videos, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care

Written by West Coast Gardens

The Unexpected Garden - Hidden Tropical Indoor Plants

This rustic half-wheel planter creates a beautiful hidden garden full of tropical house plants for your home! It reminds us to be creative with our container ideas, anything can make a beautiful mini-garden.

We start this indoor planter by adding stones to the bottom of the container in order to create a space for drainage, very important if your container does not have holes in the bottom.

After adding the soil you can start placing the houseplants. We fit them in snuggly, adding in the tall ones first and then placing smaller ones to fill in the space.

The last step is covering the soil with stones and other accents such as branch cuts. Have fun and be creative!