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Easy Bulb Planting – Featuring Muscari Hyacinth

Posted on October 10, 2018 in Garden, All Videos, Fall Gardening, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens

Maxine is here to show us how to easily plant Muscari Hyacinth bulbs in the fall so that your garden is full of colour during the spring! To help create super blooms, Maxine uses a layer of organic compost (our favourite Sea Soil) and digs it into the soil. This, along with a sprinkling of Bone Meal, will feed the bulbs all winter long so they can burst into flower in spring! Plant your bulbs 4″ deep (read the back of your package to see how deep your bulbs need to be planted) and 2″ apart. Cover your Muscari Hyacinth, and forget about them until spring. It’ll be a surprise party in your garden!