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Delicioso Salsa from your Garden

Posted on June 27, 2017 in Garden, Edible Gardens

Written by Maxine Giannelli

Hola, West Coast Gardener Amigos! I’m excited to get into a Mexican vibe today and share some ideas about salsa and your garden. What better way to taste those fresh tomatoes (and other veggies) than chopped up in a bold salsa and scooped up with chips. Delicioso!

I’ve searched alta y baja (high and low) for not only tasty but also unique recipes to turn your garden into a mexican fiesta this summer. (Party!) We’re not just talking about tomatoes either, but all of those fresh veggies you’re growing in your garden this year.


First on our list to try this season is Grilled Salsa Roja (Roja? I’ll give you a hint…it’s a colour). I’m loving this one because grilling the onions really enhances the flavours and give the entire salsa a smoky taste. We’re really utilizing the herb garden with all the cilantro that gets thrown into this recipe and if you also grow garlic than those can be tossed in as well! Try it out here.


The brillante green colour (shield your eyes!) of this salsa is mouthwateringly fresh. What’s the magic ingredients? It’s all in the name, Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa Verde (so green they should use verde twice in that name). If you’ve branched out in your garden this year with tomatillos, this one is for you! Along with the tomatillos there are fresh onions and lots of cilantro. Grab the recipe here.


For something completely different, I thought we’d try this Watermelon Ancho Chile Salsa! (Ancho Chile’s are dried Poblano chile peppers…but you could use fresh as well.) Watermelon? Extraño. (weird) But why not? The cool sweetness will help keep the salsa’s spiciness bearable when you’re enjoying it with chips. This salsa recipe also uses your beefsteak tomatoes, red onions and garlic for a completely robust taste.


Finally, we turn to those copious amounts of cucumbers in the garden. That is one vegetable that just keeps growing! Chop them up in this Cucumber Salsa and you’ll already be planning on planting extra next year. Increíble! Not only will you be able to use your garden fresh cukes, but also raid your mint from the herb garden (pick your favorite variety) and cilantro. Find the recipe here.


Now that you’re taste buds are working overtime, make sure you have enough vegetables planted in your garden to make fresh summer salsa the whole season long. Su bienvenida! (You’re welcome!)

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