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They’ve Arrived! The David Austin Rose Collection

Posted on April 9, 2018 in Garden, Garden Tips

Written by West Coast Gardens

West Coast Gardeners, we are incredibly excited to announce that this year we have David Austin Roses available for your garden! These incredible roses combine amazing beauty with robust health and unique fragrances. Each one has been bred for its individual characteristics and qualities to make sure it will thrive and bloom for you for years to come. Choose from a variety of colours and styles that will fit into your garden! We are carrying a selection that is ideal for mixed borders, rose borders, formal rose beds or hedges. 

Roses are easy to grow and remarkably tolerant. These plants arrive as ‘bare root’ plants, meaning they are shipped without soil. Before we planted them up (in the gorgeous English Racing Green pots with gold embossed David Austin logo) we did the recommended overnight soaking in David Austin’s Mycorrhizal Fungi. Then, using premium soil, we did the recommended feeding, generous mulching and deep watering to help encourage strong growth and more flowers. They are currently growing in our greenhouses and will be ready to take home May 1st, 2018. 

Varieties We’re Carrying for Summer 2018

(Our next David Austin Roses pre-order program will start in February 2019!)

David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens

Carding Mill

A flower of beautifully mixed shades of pink, apricot and yellow, overall, giving the impression of rich apricot. At the bud stage, when the petals are just starting to unfurl, the inside of the petals are a very rich, deep apricot. A lovely, lush shrub with quite straight stems, the many flowers nodding just slightly. There is a strong and beautiful myrrh fragrance. Grows to 3.5’x4′.

Charles Darwin

Large, cupped, yellow flowers tending almost towards mustard. They have a strong, delicious fragrance, varying between soft floral tea and pure lemon. Charles Darwin becomes a sturdy shrub with broad, spreading growth. Named after the naturalist who was born in Shropshire. Grows to 4.5’x4′.

David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens
David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens

Jubilee Celebration

Large, domed, coral-pink flowers are held elegantly above the foliage on graceful, arching growth. There is a strong, delicious fruity fragrance with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry. Grows around 4’x4′.

Lichfield Angel

Peachy-pink buds open to large cream blooms, which flower with great regularity. The overall effect of the blooms in sunshine is almost pure white. It forms a vigorous, rounded, almost thornless shrub. Named after an 8th century limestone sculptured panel, discovered in Lichfield Cathedral. Grows to 4.5’x4′.

David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens
David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens


The English Musk Roses are notable for the perfection of their flowers and ‘Tranquillity’ lives up to this reputation. The flowers are of a beautifully rounded shape with neatly placed petals, making up perfect rosettes. The opening buds are lightly tinged with yellow but as the flowers open they become pure white. There is a light apple fragrance. It has light green foliage and is almost thornless. Grows to 6′.

Tess of the D’urbervilles

A striking climber bearing large, deeply cupped, bright crimson-red blooms, with a pleasing Old Rose fragrance. It is a relatively compact climber clothed in large, dark green leaves. Grows up to 8′ tall.

David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens
David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens

The Wedgewood Rose

Beautiful blooms of medium to large size. The petals have a delicate, gossamer-like quality; the colour being a soft rose pink – all this adding up to a charming Old Rose effect. There is a lovely fruity fragrance on the outer petals, with a clove-like scent at the centre of the blooms. Grows to 4’x5′.

Winchester Cathedral

A beautiful white bloom with the occasional touch of pink. It produces a mass of medium-sized, loose petalled, fragrant rosettes, and continues to bloom at regular intervals throughout the summer. It makes a lush shrub with bushy growth and nice foliage. Named after one of the finest cathedrals in Britain. Grows to 4’x3.5′.

David Austin Roses at West Coast Gardens

Lady of Shallot

A striking rose, as well as one of the hardiest and most reliable. Gorgeous apricot-yellow, chalice-shaped blooms. Healthy with vigorous, bushy growth. Ideal for beginner gardeners. Fantastic flowers that bloom all summer and disease resistant. Grows to 4′ x 3.5′. 

David Austin Roses are something extra special for your garden and we’re excited to be carrying them for the first time this year! Be sure to grab your favourite variety quick as we only have a limited number and demand for these premium roses is always high! Stay tuned for our next blog post with all the care and planting tips you’ll need to keep them happy, healthy and beautiful!