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Contemporary Coral Reef Cacti Planter

Posted on March 12, 2018 in House + Home, Indoor & Tropical Plants, Succulent Love

Written by West Coast Gardens

Succulents and Cacti Under-The-Sea

With gorgeous coral shaped cacti and ocean coloured succulents, we feel like we’re planting an underwater coral reef! The turquoise, green and violet colours of the succulents and cacti add to the ocean feeling.

To create our design we keep the taller plants in the back, with the shorter echeveria succulents in front. Mixing up the plant shapes also creates interest and beauty in our planter, using round shorter plants and tall skinny grass-like succulent varieties mixed with the coral cacti.

Try a neutral coloured pot for your planter to really keep the attention on your gorgeous succulents and cacti!

Contemporary Coral Reed Succulent and Cacti Planter by West Coast Gardens