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Top 10 Christmas Trends at West Coast Gardens

Posted on November 23, 2016 in House + Home, Decor Inspiration, Holiday Ideas

Written by Sandy Styles

Stressed out just thinking about it? Here are a few of my personal tips for surviving the holiday season, and keeping the stress in check:

  • Make a list, and check it twice! I begin with broad categories and then make sub-lists for each category, down to the last detail.
  • Get an early start! Highlight the tasks on your list that can be done well in advance and get them out of the way. Cross them off the list as you complete them. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help and delegate as needed. Many hands make light work, it’s so true. Keep your eye on the goal as it’s so easy to get sidetracked.
  • Make sure to schedule rest and play time. Give yourself permission to take a break and enjoy life too! Going back to tasks rested and refreshed is much better than spinning your wheels when tired. Don’t fuss for perfection. Strive to do your best but remember, everyone’s idea of “perfect” is different. Sometimes the best results come from things that didn’t quite work out according to plan.

I’ve used these tips to keep the weight of the holidays off of my shoulders and now I’m SO excited to tell you about the different looks we have brought in for Christmas décor. Here’s my top 10 list for Christmas trends at West Coast Gardens:

  1. I’m loving the combination of pink and copper, accompanied with soft furry textures. This look is not only decadent, but it also sets the mood for fabulous entertaining.
  2. Big on my list is everything gold, or I should say, “soft” gold. I even find myself wearing yellow gold jewelry again! Who would have thought?!?!
  3. Silver is popular again this year, paired with blues (another huge colour on trend). Why not mix the metals? If you use a soft gold colour, you can nicely pair it with silver and even throw in copper and pewter.
  4. Check out the new willow tree skirts. They give a beautiful finished look on their own or mix it with a faux fur skin or heavy textured throw. The tree skirts come in two different sizes and colours – either brown or gray willow.
  5. If you aren’t familiar with the Thymes Frasier Fir products, come and check them out! After selling out last year, I have brought in even more! We have many different candles, room sprays, even a car freshener (great stocking stuffer), to name a few. Frasier Fir is the perfect hostess gift. We also brought in their new Simmering Cider scent, hmmmm…
  6. Any new babies out there? We have lovely collectible Baby’s 1st Christmas ornaments.
  7. Speaking of collectibles, we have stocked up on Kurt Adler ornaments. Always a favourite at West Coast Gardens.
  8. Back by popular demand, the battery operated LED micro lights, perfect for anywhere you don’t have an electrical outlet. Place the bundle of lights in a lantern full of pine cones or greenery, or just simply add coloured ball ornaments.
  9. Decorative bands or pillow wraps are new this year. Known as bellybands, these festive wraps are an instant way to turn your everyday décor cushion into a festive cushion.
  10. Kissing crystals were another hot, hot item! This year we have more colours and sizes to choose from.


That’s my list of Top 10 Christmas trends! Please stop by and say “Hi”, we would love to see you.

Make West Coast Gardens ones of your ways to destress amidst the holiday madness. Grab a latte from our Branches Coffee House, relax and shop for all your Christmas shopping needs. Need help? We are here for you!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Sandy Styles

PS. If you are in the market for a new Christmas tree this year, we have brought in prelit beauties! Hurry though, as they are moving out the door.