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Bringing Your Tropicals Indoors for Winter

Posted on September 14, 2021 in Garden, House + Home, All Videos, Fall Gardening, Indoor & Tropical Plant Care

Written by West Coast Gardens

Bringing Your Tropicals Indoors for Winter

We love putting our tropicals on the patio for the hot summer months, and they appreciate the sunshine and fresh air! If you want tips on how to add indoor plants to your summer outdoor spaces, check out our blog post: How to Add Tropical Plants to Your Patio. 

All summer long we’ve enjoyed a paradise on the patio with our tropical plants, but now the temperatures are dropping and it’s time to bring them indoors for the winter months! Now, Bryan is here to show you the four easy steps to make sure your plants have a smooth transition, PLUS a few bonus tips!

From showering your plants to taking care of insects, this video will show you exactly what to do before bringing your tropicals indoors this winter. We hope it helps you give your plants a smooth transition into the a colder season.

Outdoor patio decor with tropicals in Surrey BC
blue patio decor with tropicals