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Behind The Scenes: How We Make Your Custom Planters

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Garden, All Videos, Container Gardens

Written by West Coast Gardens

Our custom planters always thrill, but do you know how it works? It starts with your order form, which is vital to deciding which plants go in your design. Not only do we need to know your colour preferences but, more importantly, we need to know where your new planter will be kept. Is it a full sun patio or perhaps a shady corner of the back deck? We want to make sure your plants thrive all summer, and even into the fall, so information like this is super important to your planter’s success.

Here you can see a custom “Cookies and Cream” planter being created for a customer. The “thriller” plant goes right in the centre of the pot and really stands out with it’s long purple leaves. Then we move onto the “filler” plants like the geraniums and sun loving begonia. Lastly the “spillers” are added in, placed to hang over the edge of the pot and add interest. We leave each design for a few days in our nursery, in order to let it settle and make sure the plants are growing well, before handing it over to it’s new home!

Come on in and visit us in South Surrey to order your own custom planter!