Our Annual Hanging Basket Program

Our next annual hanging basket pre-order will open in February 2020!

For over 20 years now we've been perfecting our much celebrated moss basket program. Each beautiful hanging basket is homegrown and handmade with plants carefully chosen for longevity, reliability and a stunning display of colour, blooms and foliage. Our wide variety of baskets, in a huge variety of colours and looks, can be pre-ordered starting in February, and picked-up in May.

The Moss Hanging Basket Story

We start working on our moss hanging basket program at the beginning of January, carefully choosing and growing little plants, from seeds or cuttings, for the year's unique designs. After about four weeks, these plants are large enough to incorporate into the moss basket planters, to continue their growth. These baskets are lined with Supa Moss, an environmentally-friendly biodegradable product that helps with moisture retention.

Each basket has to grow for another 12-14 weeks in order to reach a full grown size, so that the beautiful blooms are sturdy enough to be transported to your home and hung. These jaw-dropping moss hanging baskets will bloom all summer long and continue to grow in size and splendor!




How to Care for your Hanging Basket

Once you take your moss hanging basket home, how do you care for it? Keeping your basket happy and healthy, and blooming all summer, requires some TLC. Read our tips and care instructions in our handy blog post here.

See for yourself how your moss hanging basket is grown and put together, in our inspirational video below!