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Joyful Autumn Planter

Posted on October 12, 2021 in Fall Templates

Written by West Coast Gardens

Fall favourites make a beautiful seasonal autumn planter for your patio or front door! Choose your own colour scheme to personalize your look, as well as a matching pot.

We started with taller perennials like blue switch grass and rosemary to add height and texture to our design. Then we filled in the middle areas with medium sized plants that added darker foliage or other interesting, eye-catching elements. The front area was saved for bright pansies for a pop of colour.

We also used cut pampas grass as an accent, which can be removed after the season and used in another design, or brought indoors for a vase.

Many of these plants are perennials and can be transferred to your garden, or used in a winter or spring planter next season!

Click here for the container garden template, then print or right click to save.