Plants come in all shapes and sizes, there’s something for everyone! We’ve put together our favourite bundles to fit your specific needs, from pet-friendly to low-light loving plants. Take a look below and find the perfect indoor plant collection for yourself!

indoor tropical plant bundle

The Easy-Going Bundle

The easiest plants to care for! Give these tropicals water when the top inch of soil is dry—then just let them do their thing! They can grow well in low or bright indirect light. The easy-going roommates you dream of!

The Purr-fect Pet-Friendly Plant Bundle

Plants you and your pets will love! All of these plants are considered pet-friendly by PETA and the ASPCA. A unique selection of indoor tropicals for your home!

indoor tropical plant bundle
indoor tropical plant bundle

The Luxe Low-Light Bundle

Got a spot to fill but it isn’t near a window? No problem! The Luxe Low-Light Plant Bundle features all our favourite tropicals that grow well without bright light. Perfect for offices, hallways or bathrooms. 

The Tranquil Tradescantia Plant Bundle

With gorgeous purple and green foliage, Tradescantia has become one of our favourite indoor house plants! Uniquely beautiful, and easy to care for, these colourful tropicals love bright indirect light. Pink Panther, Zebrina, and Nanouk

indoor tropical plant bundle
indoor tropical plant bundle

The Fantastic Fern Bundle

Ferns come in all shapes and sizes, from the lime green Boston fern to the turquoise Blue Star fern—collect a whole set of them with our fern bundle! These low-light loving plants are easy to care for and add a bright spot of greenery in your home.

The Surprise Indoor Plant Bundle

For the plant lover who has it all! We will pick out our best indoor plants and surprise you with a beautiful collection! Since we grow most of our tropicals ourselves in our greenhouses, they are sure to be lush and fresh!

indoor tropical plant bundle

Our Succulent Bundle

We grow our very own succulents so there are always fresh and beautiful choices ready to go home with you! We know it’s hard to pick out your favourite succulents, so let us do it for you! 

Succulent and Cacti Mixed Bundle

Cacti and succulents go together like peanut butter and jelly—and only make each other better! Get a beautiful mix of sharp-looking cacti and colourful succulents for your collection!

fresh grown succulents at West Coast Gardens in Surrey BC