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Fiery Spring Planter

Posted on May 25, 2021 in Spring Templates

Written by West Coast Gardens

colour pairing ideas for patio planters

Looking for a bright patio planter full of colourful passion and fiery foliage? This bold container garden is perfect for the patio or front stoop, with a variety of our favourite annuals and perennials in oranges, reds and limes. The taller plants, along with the fiber optic grass, will provide movement and energy to the container garden design. The canna lilies will bloom all summer long while the coleus provides colour with its gorgeous foliage. Feel free to substitute your own favourites in this planter design! 

Here is the list of what we used in our Fiery Planter. Save or download the list to the right for easy shopping!

~Zonal Geranium – Red
~Calibrachoa – Aloha Kona Yellow & Dark Red
~Bacopa – White
~Juncus – Twisted Arrows
~Fiber Optic Grass
~Coleus – Upright (Assorted Varieties) & Trailing (Assorted Varieties)
~Ipomea – Margeurite Trailing
~Muehlenbeckia (Wire Vine)
~Lysimachia – Goldilocks
~Canna Cannova – Bronze Orange
~Dahlia – Orange

colour pairing ideas for patio planters