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Falling in Love with Autumn Again...

It’s like a once-a-year love affair, as the trees change colours and the days grow cooler. We snuggle into sweaters, clutch hot drinks and wander amid the falling leaves. With the energy of a summer-well-spent we fill our patios with pumpkins and seasonal spice, happy that at last Fall has arrived!

Pumpkins + Gourds

come in all shapes and sizes

Every pumpkin is unique, so you can always find one that catches your eye, from yellow to green, large and small, round or bumpy. In the Fall these mandatory accents can line your windowsill, adorn your patio, or add colour to your dining room table. Come in-store and take a look at all the different varieties we have!

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The Fall Front Patio

a new tradition...

It seems like everyone is getting into the Fall spirit and looking for creative ways to make their front porch look amazing for the season! But orange jack-o-lanterns and red Chrysanthemums aren’t the only way to go – there are fantastic choices for the front of the home in many colours and styles that will capture the magic of autumn. Read our blog post for some seasonal inspiration…

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Our Top Four Grasses

for fall

With the weather growing cooler as we enter Autumn, it’s time to switch over our patios to a more resilient and seasonal style with plants that will enjoy the temperature change. This is why we love grasses for fall, on the patio or in the garden, as many of them continue to grow year-round and create a beautiful backdrop for a new season. Take a look at four of our favourite, fabulous grasses on the blog:

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Planting Fall Bulbs..

for a spring surprise party!

As a last hurrah in your garden, it’s time to start planting spring bulbs amid the falling leaves. Think of it as wrapping a present up for yourself in the future, then forgetting about it for a few months. What a surprise when the daffodils and tulips start poking up their heads to say hello after winter ends, ready to party in the warm sun!

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Bloom + Harvest

patio planters

Get ready for Fall with our new Bloom & Harvest planter! Not only does this outdoor planter look stunning with a great selection of annuals and ornaments, but it tastes great too! We’ve mixed in beautiful bundles of edibles like kale and herbs to make this planter truly legendary. Order online for pickup or delivery:

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