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Autumn is at your Doorstep!

When the leaves start changing colours, and the air gets crisp, we know it’s time for cider and pumpkins! Although some of our garden blooms may be nearing their end, Autumn is a beautiful time for container gardens and other natural accents that celebrate the season. Grasses, foliage and fall vegetables, all add texture and colour to your planters and bring Autumn right to your door!

Planting Fall's Bounty

Rustic fall textures and colours in pots

Autumn container gardens can hold a plethora of beautiful hues and textures, especially with gorgeous foliage like the dark purple heuchera and purple fountain grass! Rather than stick to traditional oranges and reds, we enjoy using surprising fall colour schemes such as violet, white and silvers on the patio. They work wonderfully with pots that have a weathered and worn look!

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Pastel Pumpkin Collection

Delightful colours for fall

Cinderella isn’t the only one who needed a pumpkin! We love to dot our patios and walkways (not to mention inside our homes) with these beautiful pastel pumpkins. They are all locally grown right here in Surrey BC. This year we have Polar Bear, Lumina, Blue Hubbard, Jarrahdale, Rouge Vif D’etempes, Long Island Cheese. Porcelain Doll and Flat Stacker!

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Fall Garden Clean-Up Time!

Weekend Projects

We’ve all had a wonderful season this summer, West Coast Gardeners, but now it’s time for your fall garden clean-up! Get your garden looking spruced up and tidy for the fall and winter. Just a few minutes of clean-up now, can make a world of difference next Spring! We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 items for your garden clean-up checklist…

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An Autumn Tradition We Love

Chrysanthemums in Our Greenhouse

It’s a yearly tradition, our giant Chrysanthemum plants with hundreds of colourful blooms, grown right here in our greenhouses for you! We grow over 3000 mums for the fall, which we nurture from cutting to bloom for 12 weeks before they’re ready to be adopted. From pink to orange, and classic white, there’s a pot of mums ready to highlight your doorstep this Autumn.

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The Season to Plant Bulbs

Plan a Spring Surprise Party

As a last hurrah in your garden it’s time to start planting Spring bulbs amid the falling leaves. Think of it as wrapping a present up for yourself in the future! What a surprise when the daffodils and tulips start poking their heads up! Find out more with our tips, tricks and ideas on planting bulbs…

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