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2018 Moss Basket Program

Posted on January 9, 2018 in News

Written by West Coast Gardens

Our 2019 Moss Basket pre-orders will begin in November 2018! Stay tuned for updates…

For over 20 years now we have been making our much celebrated moss hanging baskets. Each one is homegrown and handmade with plants carefully chosen for longevity, reliability and a stunning display of colour, blooms and foliage. We’re excited to share this year’s baskets with you!

Each moss hanging basket can be pre-ordered online OR via our printable order form below.

2018 Moss Basket Collection 

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC

Perfect White

New for 2018! A beautiful mix of all white flowering plants for a modern and minimalistic style with a delicate romantic flavour. This basket includes petunias, calibrachoa, bacopa, verbena, napeta, light coloured foliage and hanging vines. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC

Foliage Basket

This unique masterpiece is created from an extensive array of stunning foliage. From lime green to dark purple, we incorporate hand-picked foliage plants for their colour and texture to get the perfect dazzling combination. This low maintenance basket requires no dead-heading. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC

Cookies N’ Cream

One of our top sellers, this hanging basket mixes bright whites with dark foliage, creating a striking contrast both in colour and texture. With a giant display of blooms, this classic basket is sure to impress. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC

West Coast Special

Celebrate all the colours of spring and summer, with this bright and bold basket just bursting with vibrant hues! A hand-picked mix of colourful blooms that overflow into a sensational hanging garden. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC


A delicate blend of pale pinks, violets and whites with elegant hanging ivy. This charming moss basket is brimful of dainty tiny blooms amid copious clusters of large flowers. An enchantingly sweet hanging basket. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC

Citrus Squeeze

As vibrant as fresh squeezed orange juice, this basket is packed with zingy and zippy energetic colours to keep your patio and garden feeling invigorated all spring and summer. The vibrant blooms are accented with punchy lime ipomoea, diamond frost and coleus. [Click here to pre-order online]

Moss hanging baskets made by West Coast Gardens in Surrey Vancouver BC


An angelic cloud of gentle violet blooms amid dark green small foliage. Adds a bright splash of colour to the shade areas of your yard, patio and garden. [Click here to pre-order online]

Rhine Begonia

Bright and bold, the Rhine Begonia basket is the perfect explosion of colour for shady areas on your patio or garden. Intense hues and hundreds of blooms make this basket unforgettable. Choose from four colours of Begonias. [Click here to pre-order online]

Nadine (yellow)

Clara (white)

Carneval (orange)

Netja Dark (Pink)

How Do I Pre-Order My Moss Baskets?

We now have three options for pre-ordering your moss hanging baskets, as outlined below.
(Every year we sell out of our beloved moss baskets, so please order early to ensure your selection).

1. Order Online

Simply use the links next to each basket to pre-order using our easy online shop. This option requires full payment for the baskets on checkout. 

2. Use our Printable Form

For this option, download and print our order form. Complete the form and include a deposit of $33.60 for each basket. ($30 + 12% tax). We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Please send your Order Forms and deposits to:

3. In Person or Over the Phone

Come in (once we re-open on Feb 1st) or call us to pre-order your baskets. Simply look over the basket varieties and make your choice, we accept Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard. A deposit of $33.60 for each basket. ($30 + 12% tax).  

  • Phone: 604-541-1117
  • In-Store: 1420 172 Street Surrey, BC

When Do I Receive My Hanging Basket?

All hanging basket orders must be picked up in-store once you are notified by email that they’re ready. We wait until the temperatures are warm enough for them to thrive outdoors, usually around May 16th. We recommend picking up your baskets before May 31st.

How Do I Know If I Have a Sun or Shade Location?

A full sun location receives at least 6 hour of direct sunlight during the day, ideally between 9am and 5pm. This will ensure the best performance and health for your flowering plants.

A part sun/part she location has lots of light, but only intermittent direct sunlight throughout the day. Hung under an overhanging roof, partially under trees or other half covered spaces are ideal. The full basket should not receive full sunlight for long periods during the day.

Full shade locations still have lots of light, but do not have any direct sunlight during the day (9am to 5pm). Hang these baskets under trees, under covered patios, or against a covered north facing wall. 

How Do I Care for My Hanging Basket?

Play Video

Your basket needs two basic things from you in order to thrive and look its best, water and food. 

Find out all the details from Jason in this short video!

Grab some water soluble flowering fertilizer, as it’s quick acting and easy for the plants to absorb. Going on vacation this summer? No worries! There are slow release fertilizers (14-14-14) that you can use before you leave, so that the kind neighbour who is caring for your plants while you’re gone doesn’t have to worry about anything more than just adding water. Plus, your baskets will greet you with exploding blooms when you return!

Watering your plants in the summer heat is crucial, and it’s best to do so before 9AM to make sure they’re ready for the hot sun all day. We recommend using a really nice sized watering can (at least a gallon) to make it easy on yourself, rather than taking multiple trips to the tap or hose.

Feel your basket when it’s dry and compare it’s weight to after you’ve watered. This can help you determine if it needs a drink or not. You’ll probably have to water every day in the summer, but this also gives you a chance to admire all of the beautiful blooms!

When you water make sure to thoroughly soak the soil until a small stream of water comes out of the bottom of the basket. This means you’ve successfully flushed the old fertilizer and water out of your basket, and made way for the fresh stuff.

With these tips and tricks you’re sure to have a gorgeous flowering basket all summer long, so kick back and enjoy!